Alliance sports media awards 2018 launch

MASERU: Alliance Insurance Company Head Group Marketing Corporation Communications officially launched the Alliance Sports Media Awards 2018.

Liepollo Tsekoa, Alliance Insurance Company Head Group Marketing Corporation Communications

Liepollo Tsekoa told the journalists that were gathered in the press conference that other companies came on board to make the awards a success since 2017.

They included Lesotho Funeral Services, Metropolitan Health, Splitz Marketing, Standard bank, Minet, Let’seng Diamond, Cultural Basotho Village to mention a few.

She urged the contestants to market themselves in order to be voted for by many people and feel proud about it.

“Bad or good I believe listeners and readers should vote for the contestants rather than do the voting themselves, so that you will feel proud of yourself in future”, said Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications.

Tsekoa showed that sports journalists should feel honoured by being voted by many people.

She indicated that youths must learn from what sports journalist are doing in the country.

She made an appeal that they should use the slots secured by Alliance in different radio stations to market themselves.

The boss assured them that last year they tested this effort and they are 100 percent sure that it worked because they managed to host ASMA2017 for the first time of its kind in Lesotho.

Tsekoa appreciated working hand in glove with Lesotho Sports Reporters Association (LSRA) to host these big awards in 2017, and to continue in 2018.

Limakatso Mokobocho laid down the rules that contestants should be registered members of LSRA.

Secondly, no category will have a winner where the votes are less than 1000.

He indicated that each contestant would be allocated with their codes.

The Splitz Marketing Company is assigned to facilitate the voting processes.

Voting numbers are 31019 for each vote and 31012 for 15 votes, each sms costs M2.00.

The LSRA Vice President Clifford Molefe stipulated that Alliance as the main sponsor and the companies mentioned above are the family.

He showed his gratitude to Alliance and its counterparts on behalf of the association.

He said when LSRA established the association it was not easy, members were labeled.

Molefe acknowledged the hard work done by sports journalists; therefore they need to be motivated through the awards of this caliber.

He also emphasized the special way of Alliance in working with LSRA.

“I liked that Alliance caters for all of our needs for the awards in order to be a success”, said Molefe.

Secondly, the vice president showed that Alliance has approved to work with all other companies including its competitors such as Metropolitan and others.

“As long as the company contributes in the development of the sports writers, Alliance has no problem ”, advocated Molefe.

Molefe said last year the contestants included all sports writers regardless of whether they were members or not, but this year only members of LSRA would be allowed.

He said that journalists should support all sponsors by all means so that they would increase funds in future.

The last year’s winner encouraged journalists to work together as a united body.

Chalale Mokhethi shared his experienced by saying that he managed to buy valuables with the prizes he won, one of them was the best smart phone.

He set the standards by saying that this year he is going to collect more votes than he did last year.

Therefore, his competitors must tighten their seat belts.

He concluded that amongst the benefits enjoyed was accommodation for two nights at Thaba Bosiu Cultural Village and afforded with free meals.


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