Journalists, key players to promote cricket

MASERU: Journalists play a critical role in promoting and marketing the activities of Lesotho Cricket Association in the country said the Association’s President.

Sebajoa Sebajoa showed that the current committee of LCA was elected in 2017.

Therefore, they are tasked with the development of the cricket in the country.

“Each member is assigned to a particular responsibilities as far as the various departments are concerned in the association”, said Sebajoa.

Sebajoa said departments include female cricket, post primary education, communication, grassroots, premier league and communication and marketing.

Therefore, each member supposes to work hard for his or her section to grow.

As a result, his committee prepared a two day course for the journalist to make sure that they understand cricket very well.

The course took place at Emmanual Hostel in Maseru on April, 5 and 6 2018.

10 journalists from different media houses in the country participated in the course.

According to Sebajoa LCA was established in 1995 in Lesotho, but nothing heard about cricket activities.

“This is our beginning of our marriage with the Lesotho journalists, therefore we anticipate that they would help us to see that cricket is known”, said the President.

Sebajoa said they have their 2022 strategic planning which emanates from the 2023 International Cricket Association (ICC) one.

LCA’s endevours are funded by the Lesotho Sports and Recreation Commission (LSRC), but they do not have funds at the moment, hoping that LSRC would come to their rescue soon.

In administering LCA Sebajoa indicated that they host and manage competitions such as national primary and post-primary tournaments.

They conduct cricket festival, premier and national women’s leagues.

The President said they are preparing for the international competitions.

In August they will participate for national tournament and followed by Southern Region under 20.

Then it will be followed by Africa Region 5 teams which are scheduled to take place in November.

He showed that these competitions will take place in Botswana.

Sebajoa concluded by saying that LCA has got premier league teams in Butha Buthe, Leribe, Maseru, Mohales’hoek and Mafeteng.

“But we still need to revive them since most of them are faced with challenges”, concluded the President.


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