IPA – Lesotho Section wraps up constitution

MASERU: The International Police Association – Lesotho Section finalized its new constitution last Friday.

This effort took place during the National Council meeting which was conveyed as an extra-ordinary meeting at officers’ mess in Maseru on April, 20 2018.

IMG-20180421-WA0004 (2)
IPA National Council Members


The aim of the gathering according to the 1st Vice Administration Officer was to wrap up the constitution after the instruction of the Council meeting in February this year.

‘Mamosa Hlao told our reporter that constitution is an important tool in the association.

“It is very significant that the association posses the constitution as the guiding documentation”, said Hlao.

“Constitution helps the association to encompass clear administration for the growth of the association”, said 1st Vice President Administration.

She said the new members are also highlighted about the mission, vision and the values of IPA – Lesotho Section. It sets up the structures of the association.

The purpose of the IPA is to unite the police from all countries in the world.

It had been identified that police are performing stressful work on daily basis; hence they need some time to refresh.

‘Mamosa stipulated that as a result of IPA police of different destination interact. They share ideas of how they do their work in their respective places.

Therefore they would be able to utilize the skills and knowledge gained in their countries.

On top of that they socialize, perform cultural activities, sports and social responsibilities.

The retired officers interact with the serving members of the organization in order to share experiences, skills and knowledge.

“It is evident that when retired officers are at home they are bored because they have got nothing to do, therefore IPA is the place to entertain and socialize”, said Hlao.

She concluded by saying that IPA’s motto is “service through friendship”.

The General Secretary of the IPA-Lesotho Section Thato Mokoteli said the association is growing.

“The fact that there are many new members of Lesotho Mounted Police Service (LMPS) joining the association depicts growth by itself.

“Not only that they also understand the aim of the association”, said Mokoteli.

Mokoteli showed that the committees from the bottom upward are performing well and know their responsibilities, hence this makes easier to manage such association by the current executive committee.

The support from the LMPS has been tremendous according to General Secretary. He said other countries are not supported by their police structures, but in Lesotho is different.

“In the meantime we still experience challenges”, said Mokoteli.

He said since they are nonprofit making association they do not have enough funding.

They get funding from the contributions of membership.

There are no sponsors of any kind. Their needs are not all met; as a result they need to review contributions of the members because they have been the same for more than 10 years.

Mokoteli is adamant that there is a need for IPA house in Lesotho. He showed that this place would be utilized by the IPA members from other countries and Lesotho section.

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