LVA hosts second A division tournament

Lesotho volleyball has schedule second tournament at Roma in the National University of Lesotho (NUL) grounds on April, 28 and 29.

This endevour is known as Metropolitan LVA tournament because it is sponsored by Metropolitan insurance company.

“There are eight female and male teams, hence a total of 16 teams in our premier league”, said Buller Phalatse LVA public relations officer.

Phalatse said Rovers team requested to host this tournament earlier this year.

“Rovers Volleyball Club wants to attract the viewership”, said PRO.

He further indicated that teams are divided into four pools, meaning that two pools for ladies and gentlemen respectively.

Fixtures are as follow:

Men Category

Pool A

  1. Red Skins vs Mahlaseli
  2. Green Spikes vs Lesotho Mounted Police Service
  3. Red Skins vs Green Spikes
  4. LMPS vs Mahlaseli
  5. Red Skins vs LMPS
  6. Green Spikes vs Mahlaseli

Pool B

  1. Lesotho Defence Force vs Mazenod
  2. LUCT vs Rovers
  3. LDF vs LUCT
  4. Rovers vs Mazenod
  5. LDF vs Rovers
  6. LUCT vs Mazenod

Women Category

Pool A

  1. Red kins vs LMPS
  2. H-Flow vs Rovers
  3. Red Skins vs H-Flow
  4. Rovers vs LMPS
  5. Red Skins vs Rovers
  6. H-Flow vs LMPS

Pool B

  1. LDF vs D-Stars
  2. Mahlaseli vs Green Spikes
  3. LDF vs Mahlaseli
  4. Green Spikes vs LMPS
  5. LDF vs Green Spikes
  6. Mahlaseli vs LMPS


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