Likatola ready for semi finals in Ghana

The secretary of Federation of Lesotho Rugby says Likatola is prepared for the semi finals to kick off in Ghana.

Litšitso Motšeremeli said the team would play against Mauritius while Ghana faces Rwanda on May, 9 2018.

“These games come after we qualified in October last year during international region games that were played at Machabeng College”, said Motšeremeli.

Motšeremeli showed that Likatola grabbed position one out of 12 countries in October.

Therefore, Lesotho was automatically promoted to bronze stage. According to Motšeremeli the above mentioned four teams would compete in bronze.

“We are going to compete in the continental bronze level and hoping to qualify for silver”, said the Secretary.

All teams that are going to compete in Ghana are professionals. They are not playing for pleasure; it is an employment to them.

Motšeremeli said when they qualified last year immediately they started preparations.

“It is very tough to make selection, we have 50 players who all of them deserve to play for the team, but we have selected only 24.

“We are going to work hard to qualify for silver, our team is ready”, said Motšeremeli.

The winners from the semi finals will meet in the finals. The losers are expected to showcase for third and fourth position.

The team that snatches position one would be promoted to silver level.

The second and the third positions will stay in the bronze level, while the fourth team will be relegated.

Likatola national 15 aside coach Roy Nyasha Zhou shared the same sentiment with Motšeremeli.

“We have been preparing well, we played in Free State for several matches”, said the coach.

Zhou said the bulk of players for Maseru select are in the national team. He has also called Lapi Matsoso and Realeboha Segoete from Durban and Lady Brand respectively.

“We lost President Fetang Selialia, he was a prop and a key player in the team, but he would be replaced by Segoete”, said Zhou.

He said Selialia’s position is very special, it needs big guys. He admitted that they encountered problem of size, but they have to work on it.

“Our attack is very good, just to work hard on our defence.

“I am expecting very tough game from Mauritius, they are very experienced, we beat them during sevens game”, concluded the coach.




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