Olympafrica combines sport, education and gender

Lesotho National Olympic Committee (LNOC) has issued a statement that they will host Futbolnet Local Tournament at Lepereng on Friday, May 11 2018.

Lepereng Olympafrica Center Project Officer Khotso Mahloko said in a statement LNOC aimed to celebrate a combination of sports and education as well as gender equality.

Under 16 on the move (2)
Future football stars


“Futbolnet is a values based programme that is intended to have a positive social impact on children and young adults.

“This endevour uses sport as an educational vehicle to transmit positive values, to enhance their social and educational development”, Said Mahloko.

Mahloko said it also offers spaces for assembly, dialogue and exchange in order to foster cohesion and social inclusion.

Futbolnet tender an experience of empowerment to children and youngsters, they convey the values associated with sport to encourage a change in attitude.

This year is the 11th anniversary of the LOC in 6th year and attracted more than 3000 children comprising of boys and girls.

The programme is structured in four thematic areas including ice breaker, leaning activities, three period match and cool down activities.

The statement further said futbolnet is the initiative of FC Barcelona Foundation implemented by Olympafrica Centers through the support of International Olympic Committee (IOC) and International Olympafrica Foundation (IOF).

The effort came subsequently to the death of Colombian footballer, Andreas Escobar who was allegedly murdered by his countrymen following an own goal he scored during the encounter with United States of America in the 1994 World Soccer Championships.

“The proposed values for futbolnet are: Ambition, effort, humility, team work and respect, while the Olympic values are: excellent, friendship and Respect”, concluded Mahloko.

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