Matlama FC refutes allegations of dissatisfaction

Matlama football club was on fire on Thursday, 10 May and grilled sefothafotha FC with three goals to two (3-2) in the premier league show case.

This was a double header at Setsoto stadium. Other game was between Bantu FC and Lesotho Defence Force FC.

Therefore it was jubilation to the blues after two unpleasant performances. Bantu crashed LDF with two goals to one (2-1) in an entertaining match.

Matlama Football Club “Tse putsoa”


LDF put more pressure on Bantu and controlled ball possession, but could not finish. Bantu “A matšo matebele” utilized the existed opportunities and reaped the results.

Even though, there are trending rumours that Maseru based football team Matlama after Top 8 competition and two defeats other payers were dissatisfied, to an extent that there is division in the team.

“Tse putsoa” lost to Lesotho Defence Force and Kick for Life teams by two to one respectively (2-1).

Allegations show that Lisema Lebokollane and Kefuoe Mahula are the sources of the split.

These two senior players in the team allege that they have not been treated equally with other superior players in bonus distribution.

Therefore, they have opted not to mix with other players in training sessions. Rumours further state that Lebokollanesays he is ready to quit.

Matlama Communication and Marketing Manager Daniel Tankiso Moletsane refuted the allegations.

Moletsane said it is true players were promised 30 percent bonus if they won LNIG Top 8. If they became finalists and lost they would grab 15 percent.

Therefore, they snatched M100, 000.00 from that competition. Hence, they deserve their 30 percent share.

“It is true that Lebokollane and Mahula got less shares as compared to other senior players, as a result they were shocked, but after explanation from management they were fine”, said Moletsane.

He said a criterion used was that they did not complete all their matches. Sometime they came up as substitutes, while other senior players played all their matches.

“There is no conflict in the team”, concluded CMM.


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