Police (IPA) extend helping hand

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Police Headquarters Region members lunch together

Newly established fourth region under the auspices of International Police Association (IPA) – Lesotho Section extend helping hand to students.

IPA – Lesotho Section is divided into four Regions namely, Central, South, North and Police Headquarters.

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PHQ Region members perform social responsibilities

PHQ Region has been established in 2018, it comprises of Police Headquarters, Police Training College and Special Operations Unit/ Special Support Unit (SOU/SSU.


Police Headquarters Region members received report from (SOU/SSU that they have identified a boy and a girl from Rasetimela High School to be funded for school fees and food for the whole year.

The report was presented in the regional meeting hosted by SOU/SSU at Ha Mabote on May 12, 2018.

“They said they have already paid fees and food this year and prepare to do the same next year”, said the Secretary of the Region ‘Masechaba Temeki.

Temeki said students were selected with the assistance of the Principal and teachers from Rasetimela High School. Both of the students pursue form D.

The Secretary showed that SOU/SSU members are excited to be established as a district; therefore, they pondered what unique social responsibility they could do for the community.

Therefore, they decided to include such endevour in their annual plan activities.

“Funds used in this project emanate from all members’ pockets, there are no sponsors. All money required for school fees and food for these two beneficiaries was calculated and divided amongst them”, said the Secretary.

She concluded that this is a big project initiated by SOU/SSU.

IPA – Lesotho Section as part and parcel of the world organization is determined to promoting social responsibilities, cultural and professional relationships.

Therefore, IPA members engage in communal projects and cultural aspects with other nations and perform recreational activities.

In the same meeting members discussed the preparations for the trip to Eswatini (Swaziland).

Educational tour of about 60 members will take place on May, 24 to 27.

“We are going to share Swazi police strategies employed to curb crime in their country, learn their cultural events and attire, thereafter socialize together”, said Temeki.

The principal of Rasetimela High School ’Masaoana Saoana indicated that she was excited about this initiative.

She said SOU/SSU as their neighbours found it proper that they extend a helping hand to their students.

“We are very happy to work with police of this caliber; our relationships with them reaped good fruits as community.

“The fact that when police thought of giving back to the community they approached our school demonstrated good relationships”, said Saoana.

She said it is not only that because when they have problems at school with students, these police assist them.

The principal was adamant that the entire school management is pleased by this noble gesture.

Saoana said it is stressful when hard workers such as these cannot pursue their studies because of needy.

The founder of IPA introduced this innovation because of the stressful work police do; hence, deserve relaxed situations in order to perform effectively.

IPA was established by Sergeant Arthur Troop an English officer in 1950. Its aim is to promoting friendship and cooperation amongst serving and retired officers throughout the world.

An organization develops social, cultural and professional links. It is free of any discrimination of ranks, race, colour, language or religion.

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  1. Limpho Perekisi May 16, 2018 — 8:58 am

    Long live IPA Lesotho Section..


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