LSRC three years journey

Lesotho Sport and Recreation Commission (LSRC) achieved much in three year term of the current board members.

LSRC elected the committee in 2016 and its period is expected to end this year.

In the leadership of Mr Khiba Mohoanyane the Commission achieved couple of things.

“The Minister of Gender and Youth, Sports and Recreation was convinced by LSRC that some events and facilities are responsibilities of the Commission”, said Acting Chief Executive Officer Mofihli Makoele.

Mr Khiba Mohoanyane LSRC President 


Makoele said two stadiums from Mafeteng and Setsoto were transferred to the Commission.

Secondly, the royal family events, high altitude summer marathon, vision 2020 games are accountable to LSRC.

“We are on schedule towards the hosting of region 5 games in 2020.

“Visibility of LSRC members show improvement with the stakeholders and audiences” said CEO.

Makoele said they are very popular through social media.

He added that Commission has removed things that tarnish the image of sport.

The Ministry (MGYSR) and the Commission are working together; therefore the policy and Act of 2002 are properly in operation.

CEO showed that federations are aware of the conditions for allocation of funding and compliance.

Makoele admitted that they encountered some challenges in the journey.

He said many federations do not understand their dynamics.

But LSRC makes sure that they learn and improve.

“We have to find other means so that sports survive, because the government does not give sport a priority”, said the CEO.

He said they have to secure other funding sources.

Makoele feels that LSRC Act of 2002 needs to be amended to meet current sports requirements.

He said term of office does not comply with the current international sporting events.

Makoele cited the example of the African games, former all Africa Games.

These events take place in four years, but the Commission’s tenure is three years.

Other challenge is that sports equipments are tax chargeable regardless of whether the Act stipulates that they should be tax free.

Lesotho Revenue Authority’s 2001 law advocates that they need to pay for the equipments, therefore LRA adhere to that.

“Now you can see that there is a confusion amongst these two legal apparatus of the same country”, said the CEO.

He said they have to implement other article Act of 2002 where they are required to establish a sports trust.

Ministry of Gender and Youth, Sport and Recreation Chief Information Officer Maqalika Matsepe shared the same sentiment with Makoele.

He said the Minister is aware that sport is not a priority at the moment.

Matsepe stipulated that the Minister indicated her concern in order to address the needs of the sport, therefore the budget should be improved.

“Our Minister has a feeling that the current budget should be upgraded in order to meet the requirements of sport in the country”, said Matsepe.

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