Lesotho body builder grabs dollars

Body building has been seen to be getting to the next level in Lesotho.

Mr Ts’epo Desmond Matsoso snatched position five out of six finalists in Sandton Convention Center South Africa and went away with dollars prize money, which he was reluctant to disclose.

IMG-20180522-WA0051 (2)
Ts’epo Desmond Matsoso


This took place at Arnold Sports Festival where professional body builders competed from May, 18 to 20.

“This was the first time I participated in the professional set up”, said Matsoso.

Matsoso said he has been in the body building arena for 15 years. But he was competing as an amature for 10 years.

He spent five years training without any competition, but in preparation of the professional level.

“I am the member of Genesis Gym based at Lithabaneng, but I am the only  professional”, said Matsoso.

A 31-years-old athlete by 2015 participated in World Championship at Spain.

He said that was his path he went through in order to qualify for the professional.

Matsoso appealed to the private sector to support sports in the country, because government does not do much.

IMG-20180522-WA0050 (3)


“We contribute in the economy of the country, we bring dollars and spend them in Lesotho”, said Matsoso.

He made an example of the dollars he got in South Africa after his victory.





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