IPA members tour Eswatini and Mozambique

IMG-20180529-WA0140 (2)
Mphu Libe

A group of 61 International Police Association (IPA) Lesotho section members toured Eswatini and Mozambique from May 24, to 29 2018.


This endeavour had been organized by the newly born police headquarters region. But the trip included IPA members from south and central regions respectively.

“We had a very successful tour to Eswatini and Mozambique, accommodation in Eswatini was excellent”, said Mr Khethisang Koro who was from the southern region.

Koro said they visited places and learnt a lot from them.

“We gained knowledge about Swazi culture and we thank God for protecting us”, said Koro.

Koro said that preparations for this trip were up to the standard.

Even though, this was not an adequate time for Swazi police because they were engaged in Bushfire and elections preparations. Bushfire is an activity similar to former Morija Cultural Festival in Lesotho.

According to Koro all these activities attracted massive population; hence police needed to provide safety and security.

IMG-20180529-WA0162 (2)
IPA crew in Mozambique


“It is my anticipation that next time we will meet more Swazi IPA members and intermingle”, concluded Mr Koro.

One of the members who was the only person from Thaba Tseka Mphu Libe showed her gratitude.

She was excited by the hospitality they were afforded in Mozambique.

“I am aware that other countries admire police, we had lunch together and shared experiences with our colleagues in Mozambique”, said Libe.

Libe said they went for shopping and enjoyed swimming in the beach.

“We really enjoyed in that country, I could also sense that they were also pleased”, uttered Libe with a smile.

She said one day was not enough and they would like to visit Mozambique in future, preferably towards the end of this year.

“It was my first time to be part of IPA trip, but I have been the member for a long period and I recognized unity amongst them”, said Mr Tšepo Ishmael Raphiri.

Raphiri said their countries need each other in order to learn their styles of living. He made an example of learning other nation’s culture and how they prevent crimes.

He wished more members could join IPA.

“Swazi police afforded us with excellent hospitality”, conclude Raphiri.

A new member of police headquarters Ms Mpoetso Lebekoane said she was partly glad.

“I was not happy to the maximum, because only two PHQ committee delegates proceeded with us to Mozambique, while others left at Eswatini”, said Lebekoane.

Lebekoane said there were no reasons given why they did not join the rest of the trip.

But she enjoyed in Mozambique.

As far as Eswatini is concerned Lebekoane believed not enough research was performed before the tour. She said there were many places that could have been visited.

She has given benefit of doubt, with the hope that committee members will do better in future.

Lebekoane anticipated that the next trip would be better than this one, because they would have learnt by shortcomings.

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