Basketball playoffs continue

Basketball playoffs set to continue next weekend at Lehakoe recreational center in Maseru.

Semi finals started two weeks ago at the same venue.

According to the Lesotho Basketball Association public relations officer Mr Ntoko Marake four teams are at loggerhead. They are top four from the league standings on both male and female categories.

“Teams play the best of five, hence team that collects three point wins”, said Marake.

Marake said last weekend’s results stood as follow:

Women: Bokamoso North vs National university of Lesotho – (1-1 Series).

Men: Lichocha Shooting Rifles vs Lerotholi Polytechnic – (1 – 1 Series).

Therefore, Marake showed that the same teams will continue on Saturday and Sunday. He said ladies will start the show at 13:00 hours, while men follow around 14:30 hours.

According to Marake the winning teams will go away with a floating trophy on Sunday on both categories.

He concluded by saying that their league fixtures began in August/September last year and ended in early May this year.

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