Nyakanyaka denies hound for Linare coach

MAJANTJA -1 (2)Majantja football club communication and marketing manager refutes having approached Mr Teele Ntšonyana for his service as a coach.

Mr Nyakanyaka Tšepang Makakole is adamant that they have their coach; therefore they are not in need of any.

“We have a coach, my management had not approached Ntšonyana”, said Makakole.

Makakole further denied having approached Matlama coach Mr Mosito Matela prior to hunting Ntšonyana.

When asked about the activities of Majantja FC during off season, Makakole said they have planned to kick off the players scouting.

He said this endevour will begin on June 16, this year.

“Majantja will arrange tournaments of teams that performed well around Mohale’shoek from the 16th   June”, said Majantja CMM.

He added: “We would like to start our scouting from our development side”.

Ntšonyana said he had been approached by more than six teams.

“I received a call from someone regarding Majantja FC, but I have never been approached by Majantja management”, said Ntšonyana.

He further said he met some of the managements of those teams.

“I am Linare football club coach until the end of July. Whenever I have meeting with any team I inform Linare management”, added Ntšonyana.

Ntšonyana said if Linare FC desires to extend his contract, it would be a matter of win-win situation. It will depend on what Linare offers for the benefit of the team and himself.

“In actual fact I am a football developer, not a coach. For me is about building football in the team and the entire country”, said the Linare coach.

He said Lesotho needs to develop their players not to rely on the foreigners.

Linare FC CMM Thabo Rakhomo confirmed that Ntšonyana’s contract expires at the end of July this year.

“As a team we do not have any sign whereby Majantja approached Ntšonyana. What I know is that Linare management needs him (Ntšonyana) to be in charge”, said Rakhomo.

Rakhomo said management will have a meeting with their coach soon to discuss his faith with Linare.

Matlama football club CMM Tankiso Moletsane denied that Majantja have formally approached Matela.

He told our publication that currently Matlama FC is preparing for the awards ceremony to be hosted as soon as COSAFA games are finished.

Dan indicated that there are four Matlama players in the national team; hence they suppose to be part and parcel of the Matlama awards.

From there Moletsane said he will inform the public about the new signings and releases.


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