LVA discuss new strategic plan

Lehlohonolo Ncheke

Lesotho volleyball association (LVA) and its stakeholders discussed five year strategic plan at Limkwokwing University of Creative Technology.


This event which took place on June 3, 2018 attracted teams representations and other LVA stakeholders which included Lesotho Sports and Recreation Commission and Lesotho National Olympic Committee.

Vice President Administration Mr Lehlohonolo Ncheke showed that this was midterm meeting as provided by LVA constitution.

“The agenda of the meeting was to discuss the strategic plan which is scheduled to take the coming five years”, said Ncheke.

Ncheke who was not happy with the participation said less that 10 out of more than 30 teams which were invited were represented.

He said our stakeholders that attended included LSRC and LNOC.

Ncheke indicated that strategic plan is an inclusive process; hence everybody is supposed to be engaged.

“We will approach our membership individually and include their contribution in this endevour”, added Ncheke.

He further stipulated that LVA has got plenty of human resources who can contribute to sustain LVA, but they do not have enough financial resources.

“Many people are willing to partake in development of LVA voluntarily. Therefore, in order to show commitment we have decided that registration funds be used for development purposes and provide financial report in quarterly basis”, said Ncheke.

He anticipated that they will attract more people if LVA demonstrates transparency to their membership.

“For big budget like construction of indoor games, we suppose to get sponsorship”, concluded Ncheke.

He said as a way forward they will approach their membership and hand over the plan to LSRC and LNOC.

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