Basketball finals reach climax

Lesotho basketball tournament reaches its peak on Saturday when four teams battle out for the finals in the fifth game at Lehakoe Recreation Center, Maseru.

On both categories teams played draw of two series each, which means tomorrow they would be expected to fight for the decider.

IMG-20180608-WA0007 (2)
PROs and the captains in the press conference


Any team that increases its series to three becomes the champion of the tournament.

Women Rovers (NUL) challenge BKMN, while men LSR will be at loggerhead with Lerotholi Polytechnic. Games start at one o’clock afternoon.

In the press conference hosted by LBA at Lesotho Sports and Recreational Commission (LSRC) President of LBA Mr Francis Edris showed that all teams worked hard.

Adris said some of the basketball followers were disappointed that the teams went as far as fourth and the fifth games.

As a result, that was a great achievement to LBA at large.

“Tomorrow women and men teams are going to give us a champion”, said the President.

LBA Vice President Mr Tefo Mosala thanked all the participating teams and media houses. He wished four teams good luck and said let the strong team wins.

Mosala said level of the competition was high for this ending season.

Tlotliso Mokhethi LSR Captain indicated that it has been a long journey. He said his players experienced injuries on the way.

“This season was not good for us, other players were injured, while some were on an off the field. But tomorrow we are going to play a good game”, said Mokhethi.

“We have achieved so much by reaching the finals, but credit should be given to our fans who are always behind the team”, said the Lerotholi Polytechnic Captain.

Tumelo Mara said they are not under pressure at all because it is the first time they reach the finals.

“Everyone including students and staff members would be behind the team tomorrow”, concluded Mara.

Rover’s ladies team vice Captain Lerato Nkhabo said her team is fortunate because all of them are students, hence they are always together.

She said the support by the rest of the students is tremendous, especially in the games that take place at Roma.

“We need this win, hence we will work hard to grab the championship tomorrow”, said Nkhabo.

The public relations officer of Bokamoso North Temokho Ntibe said they had wished to play only three games and snatched the championship.

She said they were faced with challenges such as some of their players got injuries, while others were not available.

“We did not practice together because other players were at work”, said Ntibe.

The worse part of everything she said, they were emotionally carried away from the game.

“We moved from the game and became emotional. Our second game was a fight. But in the third game we sat down with the coach and dealt with our misunderstandings”, said the PRO.

She said this week they worked on the weaknesses encountered last time, therefore they believe that everything is normal and will play as a team.

She promised that tomorrow is going to be a big game as LBA finishes the season.

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