Lerotholi Polytechnic grabs championships

Tumelo Mara, Lerotholi Polytechnic  coach 

Lerotholi Polytechnic basketball club is the 2018 champion of the playoffs.


LP “Mekonko” harassed LSR 63-58 at Lehakoe Recreation Center on June 9, 2018. Therefore on average LP possessed three series against two of LSR.

Mekonko snatched a trophy and the gold medals, while LSR got the consolation award of silver medals.

The game which was on fire LSR put more pressure on the champs from the beginning. At the end of the first quarter LSR was leading with 23 to six.

But LP closed the game in the second quarter by 34 to 29. In the third quarter Mekonko was untouchable, at the end of that session they had scored 48 to 37.

LP coach Tumelo Mara told our publication that he had to substitute one of their players. Then after that the game plan changed drastically.

He agreed that they started with a low pace; hence their performance was not good at the beginning.

In the press conference that was held prior to the finals Mara had indicated that since it was their first time to reach the finals they were not under pressure, they would relax.

On the women category Bokamoso North won trophy and gold medals and became the champion of the playoffs likewise. The runner ups were National University of Lesotho which went away with silver medals.

BKMN grilled NUL 67 to 29. BKMN showed determination from the beginning of the game to the end. Their height worked for them, they scored easily.

Lesotho basketball association President Mr Francis Edris showed his gratitude and was so impressed by the performance portrait by the teams in the finals.

“I am convinced that basketball continues to grow in the country”, said the President.

He said the sport develops from primary and high schools to the senior level.

Mr Ntoko Marake LBA public relations officer said games went as planned. He alluded to the presence of great numbers of supporters, especially from Lerotholi Polytechnic side.

He said the students and staff members were all out to support their team; hence it was highly motivated and produced the good results.

“The competition was too high, that is what we expect in this level”, said the PRO.

He said from August this year they will kick start the high schools league and top 8.

In this occasion the champions of the league were also awarded as follow:

Women NUL team became the champ and got trophy and gold medals. BKMN won silver as the runner ups.

On the men side LSR grabbed trophy and gold medals, while LP appeared the second and seized silver medals.


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