Bokamoso basketball teams represent Lesotho Eswatini

Two Lesotho teams will participate in Eswatini International Tournament during the end of this week.

The games which would be hosted at Emanzini attracted eleven female and 18 male teams from different countries.

Bokamoso on both categories will represent the mountain kingdom on June 22 to 24.

The objectives of the tournament highlighted by the Lesotho Basketball public relations officer include to allow teams that do not play together to gauge each other against neighbouring countries.

Mr Ntoko Maroke said they build unity amongst players in the region. He said Swazi basketball teams raise some funds and have a good time.

Bokamoso teams are sponsored by Galitos and Berltex. But Moroke did not divulge how much the sponsorship is.

He stated that it is not the first time Lesotho teams partake in this endevour. Bokamoso, KTA, and BBH participated prior this tournament.

Bokamoso’s captain Bokang Pharela confirmed that they partake for the second occasion in this tournament.

“Last year we were beaten by Mozambique and Namibia but managed to whip South Africa and Swaziland in the group stage, hence, our journey ended there”, said Pharela.

He stated that Mozambique and Namibia are well experienced in the tournament that is why they grilled them.

“Lesotho teams have not reached the semi final stage, but this time we are well prepared to advance beyond preliminaries”, said Bokamoso captain.

He was confident that the tournament they participated in Bloemfontein last weekend contributed a lot for their preparations.

Both female and male teams dominated in Bloemfontein and snatched R2000 and gold medals.

“The R400 we grabbed in RSA will add value to our package in Eswatini”, he said.

The captain concluded by saying that Galitos and Berltex as their main sponsors afforded them with track suits, jersey and financial support.

Successful teams will grab trophies and medals. Teams which confirmed to take part in Eswatini are:

Ladies: 1. Bokamoso – Lesotho, 2. USSA Eastern Cape – South Africa, 3. Vaal University – South Africa, 4. Phoenix Flames – South Africa, 5. Harare City Hornets – Zimbabwe, 6. Amigas Do Basquete – Mozambique, 7. Vixens – Zimbabwe, 8. Greenstars – Zimbabwe, 9. Brave Hearts – Malawi, 10. Lakers – Zimbabwe and 11. Botswana Police – Botswana.

Men: 1. Bokamoso – Lesotho, 2. Superstars – Eswatini, 3. Imbumbe – Eswatini, 4. Phoenix Int – South Africa, 5. Craques Da Boca – Mozambique, 6. FADM – Mozambique, 7. Munali Suns – Zambia, 8. CFM – Mozambique, 9. Harare City Hornets – Zimbabwe, 10. Mahotas – Mozambique, 11. KTA – Lesotho, 12. Foxes – Zimbabwe, 13. Brave Hearts – Malawi 14. MBB – South Africa, 15. Jazz – Eswatini, 16. Soweto Panthers – South Africa, 17. Botswana Police – Botswana and 18. Unitive University – Mozambique.



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