CUCSA games 2018 ended on Friday June 22, 2018. Teams having done well were awarded trophies and overall best being given to team South Africa.

The final medal standings are as follows:

1. South Africa…25 Gold, 16 Silver & 7 Bronze. 2. Zimbabwe…10 Gold, 8 Silver & 13 Bronze 3. Botswana…9 Gold,18 Silver & 22 Bronze. 4. Zambia…2 Gold, 2 Silver & 2 Bronze 5. Malawi…1 Silver and 2 bronze. Eswatini, Lesotho and Namibia remain at zero medals.

Sporting codes were also given medals;

Soccer Males…South Africa, Soccer ladies…South Africa, Basketball Males…Zimbabwe, Basketball females…South Africa.

Darts – Zimbabwe, Netball – Botswana, Chess Males – Zambia, Chess females – Zimbabwe, Volleyball females – Botswana, Athletics – South Africa, Table tennis – South Africa, Tennis – Zimbabwe and Rugby – Zimbabwe.

The next CUCSA games will be hosted by Lesotho Universities and Colleges Sports Association (LUCSA) in 2020.


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