Respect for Lesotho basketball teams

Rebels and Mahotas teams (Mozambique)

Lesotho basketball teams learned to believe in their system of play says Bokamoso captain Bokang Pharela.

Pharela told our reporter that they are as big as the other teams and therefore their system of play should be their culture.

Bokamoso captain expressed his feelings after the Eswatini tournament, which took place from June 22 to 24 2018.

Bokamoso and KTA teams played as follows:

Bokamoso Rebels 53 vs 47 Imbube, Rebels 52 vs 65 Craques de Boca, Dolphins 20 vs 26 Phoenix, Dolphins 25 vs 61 Vixens, KTA 48 vs 46 Jazz, Rebels 70 vs 53 Knicks, KTA 38 vs 55 Mahotas, Dolphins 48 vs 17 Eastern Cape USSA and Rebels 57 vs 73 Soweto Panthers.

“We are definitely growing, now it is not only about KTA reaching the top sports, other teams are also working hard to increase competition”, said the captain.

He said they even had teams from Mozambique inviting Bokamoso for their tournaments. This  shows a lot of respects for the culture they are trying to portray to the rest of Africa.

“I recommend that we keep our culture and strive for success with the culture of play we have and above all we need to utilise the gym”, said Pharela.

The captain said they will work on their physique, strength and cross fitness.

“Game brilliance is not the only aspect that will win us the game, but also physical ability. But we are not far from where we want to be”, concluded Pharela.

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