Econet media release

End of Season Awards and Introduction of a Fundraising Pre-season Tournament

The premier league management committee (PLMC), together with the league sponsor ECONET, will host the end of 2017/18 season awards ceremony at Avani Lesotho Hotel in Maseru, on Friday 6th July 2018. With this ceremony, the PLMC will be officially bringing the 2017/18 Econet Premier League (EPL) season festivities to end, and also open doors to earnest planning for the up-coming 2018/19 season.

The event will be a gala dinnerthat will be attended by the EPL 2017/18 season football clubs, key sporting authorities, government officials and other prestigious guests from non-governmental organisations. Also invited to attend are important stakeholders such as the football clubs patrons, local business community and media.

The occasion is a platform where the EPL will be celebrating 2017/18 season achievements, learning curves while preparing to embark into the new season.

The growth and development vision for local football with the attendees and the general public will be briefly shared at the same event. These include new ways in which the EPL will maintain more effective and on-going communication with the football community at large to keep them updated and abreast of all the excitement and happenings within the league, as well as how Econet is going to help clubs to create and maintain growing electronic databases of their supporters and followers.

Econet’s acting CEO, Mr Dennis Plaatjies reiterated that when Econet returned to the football ground after an eight year break, they did not expect a smooth sailing and indeed it was not easy. He said that as a company, they hope to launch all the products and services intended for the sustainable growth of football in the country. “We are a telecommunications company and we entered into the contract with our eyes open, ready to supportand develop football in our country that is why we engaged the professionals along the way so that they can help us achieve our obligation” said Plaatjies

PLMC president, Mr John Leuta added after clinching the first and the biggest sponsorship deal in the history of premier league; they had to work hard and ensure good working relations with the sponsor. “A well laid out communication plan plays a vital role in any relationship. We have developed a very mutual understanding through our weekly meetings with Econet which contributed to our strengthened partnership and we hope that it will go beyond the three season deal” said Leuta

Also in the cards is a new pre-season tournament that will be introduced for the first time starting from the up-coming 2018/19 season, dubbed the Econet Soccer Spectacular. The tournament is a one day fundraising spectacle between four premier league clubs that will be voted in by the public, and will be held at Setsoto Stadium on Saturday 4th August 2018. The purpose of the tournament is to help local premier league clubs with start-up financing towards their league obligations as they begin every new season. For this purpose, the norm will be that all gate-takings from the tournament will be shared equally amongst the fourteen premier league clubs, and the general public will also have a chance to win exciting prizes during voting and on the tournament day.

This initiative, which is Econet’s idea, was shared and discussed with the heads and general managers from all EPL clubs on Friday 22nd June at the Lancers Inn hotel in Maseru, where it was received with great appreciation and enthusiasm by the audience, as this kind of assistance to them as local football clubs will be happening for the first in the history of local football! Publicity and marketing around the tournament will be launched beginning of July, and the general public can therefore be on the lookout for more details on the event.

We will be looking forward to seeing you at the awards ceremony and at the Econet Soccer Spectacular, come Saturday 4th August 2018.


Tšitso L. Monaheng

General Manager, PLMC


Puleng Litabe

Public Relations Officer, Econet


DATE: 3rdJuly 2018


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