Africans to invest in development

Many people have claimed that the ongoing world Cup competition is not meant for the African Teams.

This comes after all five teams’ exit and went back home at the early stage.

They go further to say FIFA stands for “football is not for Africans”.

The usage of video assisted referee (VAR) has been highly criticized as mostly focusing to the African teams.

Our reporter approached Kick4Life newly appointed head coach Mr Bob Mafoso to comment on this issue.

Mafoso said it is not true that African teams are cheated by the usage of VAR equipment.

He said in actual fact the new FIFA introduced apparatus is meant to assist the referee to take informed decision.

“Finally the decision is made by the referee”, said Mafoso.

He showed that in order to have strong African teams which would compete better in the World Cup African clubs should invest in development at their countries.

Mafoso believed that if more players from Africa play in Europe they will gain exposure and experiences. Therefore, African teams would perform adequately in the world cup.

Mafoso made example that European teams always grab the trophy because their development system is clear.

“From 1990 Brazil grabbed the trophy twice”, concluded Mafoso.

Brazil was honoured five times, Italy four, Germany four, Uruguay twice and Argentina, England, France and Spain once.


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