Moleko and Taole, squash tournament champions

Mr Lebohang Moleko and Miss Limpho Taole grabbed Alliance Squash Tournament championships on males and females categories respectively.

IMG-20180715-WA0022 (2)
Limpho Taole, the champion

The two days event took plays at Maseru Club on July 14 and 15, 2018.

“It has been a nice tournament; we brought our families to play together”,

Moleko said more youth and women should come on board to play.

Moleko who played squash since 2005, showed his happiness to be the champion of Alliance tournament.

He said he played squash when he was at ‘Muela, Lesotho.

“Today I am the champion and very grateful”, said Moleko.

He therefore invited other people to come and enjoy squash the way he did since 2005. Squash promotes good health and fitness.

He thanked Alliance Insurance Company by renovating two courts at Maseru Club which were handed over to Maseru Club management on July 14.

“I believe that more companies should take part in sponsoring sports in the country, Alliance have paved the way”, concluded the champion.

Ladies champion Miss Limpho Taole told our reporter that she played squash for the first time in 2013.

“My father bought me a tennis and squash rackets, I therefore played tennis a bit, after that I went to Lehakoe Recreation Center where I played Squash. From that day I become in love with squash”, said Limpho.

“I found my passion and it has got everything I need”, she continued.

Limpho showed that when she is happy or angry she plays squash. She said it has become more than a game to her.

She thanked her father who taught her how to play squash. Limpho who is doing grade 11 at Eunice high school in South Africa said she is playing for the senior squash team at school.

“I was an invited guest to the tournament, in actual fact I was from Cape Town where I participated in another tournament”, explained the champion.

She further said she wants to grow in squash; she will play until she cannot walk at her 90s.

When asked to comment on the development by Alliance, she said she is grateful towards Alliance.

“Basotho do not pay attention to quash, Alliance gave us hope of playing squash in the country therefore we are going to have an access to the space anytime when we want to play”, highlighted Limpho.

To her age mates she said they are missing a lot because this is a sport for them. She alluded that squash could help with weight lost and muscle functional training.

She said one needs only a racket, and then do not feel shy to approach Mr Taole the president of Lesotho National Squash Association (LNSA) and other committee members, they will be helpful.

“Contact them, there is a coach, facility, don’t feel shy. I hope that one day Lesotho will be able to send a team in commonwealth Games”, said Limpho with a smile.

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