Rovers volleyball club – champions

Ladies Rovers volleyball club from the National University of Lesotho became the champion after harassing Mahlaseli volleyball club with 3-1.

IMG-20180717-WA0012 (2)
Mr Khethollo Tsakatsi awards trophy and prize money to the champs

This happened on the Lesotho Volleyball Association open winter tournament which took place at Lehakoe Recreation Center from July 13 to 15 this year.

The tournament was sponsored by Khethollo Tsakatsi Japanese Cars Importers with the tune of M20, 000.00 for the first time in the history of volleyball.

Tsakatsi further said if teams show commitments and work hard he is capable to sponsor again next year.

Secondly, if sales rise there is no doubt the sponsorship would increase next year.

Rovers players were young and dynamic, hence good performance. Their opponents seemed to be senior players with a lot of experiences, who could not adapt to the flexibility and skillful Rovers players.

It was evident that Mahlaseli should focus on development of young players. The current ones are exhausted due to their age factor.

On the males category Eswatini volleyball club (Bob Cats) snatched championship. Bob Cats claimed championship after beating Red Skins three 3 -2.

Lesotho Red Skins dominates the league at home; hence they wanted to prove a point by winning against Eswatini counterparts.

On the other side Bob Cats wanted to showcase their skills from Eswatini.

The third position was won by the University of Free State (UOFS), while on the women’s side it was Trail Blazers volleyball club from RSA.

As a result, first position was awarded with a trophy, gold medals and M5000.00. The second and third positions got trophies, silver and bronze medals and M3000 and M2000 respectively on both categories.

According to LVA public relations officer Mr Buller Phalatsi the tournament attracted 13 men and seven females’ teams.

Phalatsi said when this tournament started it was meant for local teams to keep them busy during the off season. But it has attracted teams from outside, hence becomes international competition he said.

Three teams from South Africa included two men and one ladies club. Three men clubs came from Eswatini.

The results were as follow:

Men – Quarter Finals

UOFS 2 vs 1 Green Spikes

Mahlaseli 0 vs 2 Bob Cats (Swazi)

Red Skins 2 vs 0 Ludzedzedze (Swazi)

Street kids (Swazi) 1 vs 2 LMPS

Semi Finals

UOFS 0 vs 3 Red Skins

Bob Cats 3 vs 1 LMPS

Losers Finals

UOF 3 vs 0 LMPS


Red Skins 2 vs 3 Bob Cats

Women – Semi Finals

Mahlaseli 3 vs 2 Red Skins

Rovers 3 vs 2 Trail Blazers (RSA)

Losers Finals

Red Skins 2 vs 3 Trail Blazers


Mahlaseli 1 vs 3 Rovers

1 thought on “Rovers volleyball club – champions

  1. Talent vs Experience in a match between Mahlaseli and Rovers, and talent came out top


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