Bantu and Lioli chase for Seturumane

Two giant teams in Lesotho are hunting for the former Lioli football club and Likuena player Tšepo Seturumane.

Seturumane is currently the key Lesotho Mounted Police Service team player.

Bantu the champion of Premier League and its runner up Lioli approached LMPS about Seturumane.

One of these teams has pledged to exchange Seturumane with three players. Bantu FC desires to utilize Seturumane on the international assignments.

On the other hand “Semunye” still needs service of their player.

LMPS FC communications and marketing manager Kotsoana Ramakau confirmed that both teams submitted letters to LMPS FC.

Ramakau said they have not met these teams, but the LMPS FC management will meet and discuss this issue latter.

He showed that his club needs Seturumane desperately because they want to improve league ranking of their team next season.

Ramakau said the team is planning to have an annual general meeting on August 8 this year.

Apart from presenting the relevant reports they would also run the elections of the new committee.

“Our committee has been to place for three years now, hence we have to go for elections according to our constitution”, said LMPS CMM.

When asked whether they have recruited or released players, he was reluctant to comment.

He concluded by saying that they have approached players from other teams, but no deals in place so far.

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