Cricket aspires for international games

Lesotho Cricket Association prepares for under 19 and senior women games to be hosted in Republic of South Africa this year.

Cricketers in LCA course 

Teams utilize Machabeng grounds at Maseru for their training sessions.

U-19 boys will play their games at Potchefstroom, North West on August 17 to 29.

The LCA Secretary Mr Mohlouoa Sepolo said team Lesotho is currently in the second division.

He said if they manage to get position one or two they will qualify for the international games to take place in RSA next year.

Sepolo further said women team would be at loggerhead with its counterparts on August 19 to 27 at Botswana.

He indicated that International Cricket Council (ICC) strategic plan includes that teams in their countries should participate at least three times in the international activities.

He said if they partake accordingly their ranking improves.

Sepolo stressed that they prepare these endvours with very little budged.

“LSRC did not support us except that they only financed for registration of u-19 boys”, said Secretary.

He said they have to source for funding somewhere on their own.

The delegations comprise 14 players and two officials for u-19 and 16 and two officials on the women side.

The Secretary appealed to the business community to extend a helping hand for these efforts to be a success.

Our web has learned that LCA is committed itself in equipping stakeholders with skills and knowledge of cricket in Lesotho.

The example is the media workshop which was held earlier this year.

The purpose of training journalists is because they would be able to spread and educate the sport lovers about cricket in Lesotho, since it has been realized that not many people know this sport.

In the meantime the acting Chief Officer of LSRC Mr Mofihli Makoele said they had a meeting about two months ago with LCA representation about these two activities.

He showed that they explained clear as to what would be their requirements. Apart from that they indicated that other things would be covered by ICC.

Therefore, latter on they submitted their requisition, but surprisingly it was different from what was discussed. They were then made aware and did as agreed.

“From there we assisted them according to what they needed and agreed upon”, said Makoele.

Even though Makoele did not mention how they were assisted (LCA) but what is important according to CEO is that they were helped according to their needs. From there the rest would be funded by ICC.

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