Hardwood Kings snatch championship

A South African basketball club from Bloemfontein went away with glory at Lehakoe Recreation Center last weekend.

Hardwood Kings crashed Lesotho Bokamoso South club 71-57 in the finals and was honoured with M1320.

IMG-20180728-WA0005 (2)
Harwood Kings basketball club

Both teams reached this phase after harassing their counterparts at semi finals. KTA was beaten 46-34 by Kings, while BKMS grilled Lerotholi Polytechnic 65-40.

Eight teams tournament was organized by teams themselves not the Lesotho Basketball Association.

“The tournament went the way we had hoped for”, said Mr Ratšolo Molupe Director of the Money Winter tournament.

He said it was planned to be a one day event but they had to adjust to two days due to time constraints.

This affected their winning prize money as they had to use some of their collections to pay courts for the second day of tournament to complete semi finals and finals stages.

Initially first prize was M1500 would be followed by M1000 which then had to be re-adjusted to M1320 and M820 respectively after paying for courts on Sunday.

“We are just about to start new season around September, so teams had a chance to see what they need to do to prepare for new season”, said Molupe.

Molupe showed that their main aim was to play good competitive basketball and that was achieved.

“Prize money was just a bonus”, said the Director.

He further told our web that they still face financial challenges to help their basketball grow in the country.

Therefore they always have to ask teams to make contributions, and that is not very easy because most players are students and some do not have sources of income to consistently have to pay money to play basketball.

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