Women celebrate their month in style

IMG_20180608_123518 (2)
Women basketball players

Five basketball and seven netball teams would be seen playing on the same day and time at Lehakoe Recreation Center.

Ladies tournament is scheduled on August, 4 and 5 this year.

The aim of the tournament is to celebrate women’s month and also attract more women into taking part in sports.

“It might be called Ladies Tournament, but it is not restricted to women alone, men are invited hence why it is in a form of ‘mixed tournament”, said Relebohile Lebatla.

She said since being in the office of Women in Sports she understands that her work is beyond basketball.

As an individual she is a member of both sporting codes.

The organizer told our web that she approached City Eagles club’s management and they came up with the concept of this tournament’s nature.

She said all basketball teams are registered with Lesotho Basketball Association (LBA) but it is an open tournament, meaning every team is welcome.

“So far we received sponsorship from Land Mark Cons, a graphic design company”, she explained.

Lebatla further said they do not have any international teams in attendance.

Amongst the invited teams one of them is called basketball team. This is so because members of the club are involved in both sporting codes.

The following basketball teams would be at loggerhead: Bokamoso Dolphins, KTA All Stars, Lichocha Shooting Riffles, Lerotholi Polytechnic and Rovers.

Netball clubs include, City Eagles, Lerotholi Polytechnic, Leqele High School, First Number, Thetsane High School, Basketball team and Lesotho Revenue Authority.

According to Lebatla, the winning teams would be awarded with medals at the end of tournament.

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