Rugby sevens underway

Lesotho rugby sevens will be at loggerhead with their counterparts in Zambia on August 28 to 2 September, 2018.

IMG-20180321-WA0005 (3)
Lesotho player in ball possession

Lesotho has been invited by Rugby Africa Sevens.

Rugby association’s general secretary Mr Litšitso Motšeremeli told our web that all teams range from silver to gold level, except theirs which is at bronze.

Motšeremeli said Rugby Africa had interest while Lesotho was in Zambia some time back.

He said they lost but portrayed determination and dedication that is why African body showed interest.

Motšeremeli said the aim is to prepare for national team games that will take place in Uganda next month.

He therefore, explicated that if they play well they will qualify to play in Uganda.

The secretary indicated that all the expenses of this trip would be catered for by Rugby Africa Sevens. They would only be expected to pay for transport.

Motšeremeli explained that they are assisted by the Olympic Solidarity through the National Olympic Committee (LNOC) for this effort to be a success.

He further attributed to that they want to prepare their players for the coming Olympic and Commonwealth games.

Teams which will be in Zambia feature men only. Countries will include two South African clubs namely All Stars and South Africa Academy, Kenya which is the champion of Olympic, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana and Central.

“We are aware that these clubs are far senior than us and have acquired a lot of experiences, but we want to build our team and gain exposure”, said the secretary.

He said after this endevour they will play with their counterparts in September at Uganda.

Motšeremeli concluded by saying that they are also preparing to host Rugby Africa Regional games in future. As a result they should learn from other countries such as Zambia.

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