Alliance Winter Challenge roars

IMG-20180801-WA0016 (2)
Liepollo “Dee” Tsekoa

Alliance Winter Challenge kicks off on August 11 and 12, 2018 at Setsoto stadium.

This is the fourth encounter by the giant insurance company in Lesotho which were scheduled to take place on August 4 and 5.

Due to unavailability of water at Setsoto stadium games had to be postponed for the coming weekend.

Four teams that are expected to partake in this endevour include Lesotho Correctional Service football club, Matlama football club, Lioli football club and Swallows football club.

LCS FC, Matlama FC and Lioli FC get support from Alliance throughout, while Swallows FC had been invited to be the fourth team.

Fixtures would be played as follows:

11.08. 2018

  1. Matlama vs LCS
  2. Swallows vs Lioli

On the following day (12.08.2018) the teams that lost will be at loggerhead with each other for the third position. While those that won play on finals.

The champion will grab the trophy. Then teams will share gate collections equally.

Lesotho Correctional football club is the 2017 champion.

According to the Alliance Head Group Marketing Corporation Communication Ms Liepollo Tsekoa this event comes after the agreement with Lesotho Sport and Recreation Commission (LSRC) and WASCO that they pay M14, 000 to WASCO so that games become a success.

LSRC operations manager Mr Teboho Malataliana confirmed that they had a meeting with the Alliance Insurance Company and agreed they can utilize Setsoto on condition that they pay M14, 000 that was meant for the payment of Setsoto to WASCO.

He said WASCO did not have any problem likewise. Malataliana said it was not possible for the games to proceed at Setsoto due to the water cut.

Therefore as they are facilitating the payment of WASCO Alliance winter challenge should go on.

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