LISA ball games kick off

High schools prepare for five sport codes ball games to take place at Lesotho high school.

The games were initially supposed to kick off on August 10 to 12, but later postpone to August 17 to 19.

The postponement came after the ongoing teaching circumstances around teaching sector.

This annual event includes volleyball, basketball, handball, football and netball.

10 districts would be expected to partake in this endevour with all sporting codes.

LISA general secretary Mr Posholi Posholi said the sporting activities will include boys and girls. He showed that on football category of under 17 years boys would be expected to be at loggerhead.

Posholi said games will be officially launched by the minister of Gender and Youth, Sport and Recreation Dr Mahali Phamotse.

He further said it is also anticipated that Dr Phamotse will award players at the end of the tournament on Sunday.

Posholi told our web that they are sponsored by two institutions.

He said the purpose of the games is preparations for COSSASA games which will take place in Namibia on 21 August, 2018.

“But not all codes will participate in Namibia due to financial constrains”, said the secretary.

Posholi concluded that games would be officiated by the qualified empires from relevant associations.

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