Semunye hosts friendly tournament

Lesotho_Mounted_Police_Service_FC[1]Lesotho Mounted Police Service football club in collaboration with Police Training College students assembled four teams tournament at PTC on August 26, 2018.

Teams that partook in the “PTC Winter Tournament” were PTC FC, LMPS FC, Swallows FC and Bantu FC.

In the first game LMPS FC drew 1-1 with Swallows, hence they have to proceed to penalty shoot outs where Swallows scored four and LMPS three penalties respectively. (1 (3) – 1(4)).

Bantu and Swallows showcase on the finals, as a result Bantu beat PTC FC one nil (1 vs 0).

Therefore Bantu grabbed trophy and gold medals, while Swallows snatched silver.

According to LMPC FC Mr Mosiuoa Lekhooana LMPS management was impressed by this endevour and was able to identify the weaknesses of the team before they are engaged in the league games in September 15.

He said the management thanked the availability of the team supporters with large scale.

Secondly, LMPS and PTC engaged in community policing with all participating teams.

It was assumed that had these players not participated in this effort, they would be involved in the criminal activities somewhere.

Lekhooana indicated that most of PTC players have premier league experiences. Consequently, soccer lovers would see different Semunye in future with the contribution of this caliber of players.

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