COPA Coca-Cola kicks off in style

Lesotho Football Association (LEFA) referees coordinator Mr Mohau Sentšo says level of the COPA Coca-Cola games is high.

Sentšo who was in charge of the referees on the first day of the competition in August, 31 2018 shared his opinion with our web.

He alluded that during 2017 one could see few players from senior teams, but this year there are no big names.

“Games were so impressive, for example Lesia against Paray high schools match was on fire”, said Sentšo.

He said personally, he identified few under 17 and 20 players with bright future.

IMG_20180831_173542 (2)
Hon. Assistant Minister of Education and Training Mothepu Mahapa and Deputy LSRC President Caswell Moru watch COPA Coca-Cola games

But he established that Mr Mahlaha was there, he hoped that he would be the right person to pick some boys if he felt convinced about them.

High schools association (LISA) public relations officer said in the first day of COPA Coca-Cola’s games they started with procession and entertainment by the learners.

Mr Teboho Pholo showed that Lesotho Sports and Recreation Deputy President and President of LISA Mr Caswell Moru officially inaugurated the competition.

He said they were hoping to have six games, but managed to play five due to some technicalities challenges they were faced with.

The first day’s event was graced by the presence of the assistant Minister of Education and Training Honorable Mothepu Mahapa.

According to Pholo availability of the assistant minister motivated the scholars.

The assistant minister was the 2013 and 2016 champion of COPA Coca-Cola while he was in Masitise high school.

When asked to comment on the performance of the teams, Pholo indicated that there are no under dogs or rural clubs, they are all in the same level.

He shared the same sentiment with Mr Sentšo that the level of performance is very high as compared to last year’s.

“There are certain individuals that if could be afforded an opportunity to the higher level who could do extremely well”, added LISA PRO.

Pholo said jersey numbers 10 from St Paul and seven from Laghetto are skillful enough to compete in the higher level.

He pointed out that there are players from A and B divisions, and also Premier League. The example was players from Lioli and Kick4life clubs (Premier League).

He concluded by saying that there are about 12 warriors from premier league.

The results for the first day stood thus:

  1. Laghetto HS 0 – 1 Mapholaneng HS
  2. Lesia HS 4 – 1 Paray HS
  3. Maseribane HS 1 – 0 Lekokoaneng HS
  4. Matsepe HS 2 -2 Rasetimela HS
  5. Laghetto HS 1 – 0 St. Paul HS

Second day (01.09.18) fixtures

  1. Lesia HS vs Child Jesus HS
  2. Maseribane HS vs Makhaola HS
  3. Matsepe HS vs Matsie HS
  4. Mapholaneng HS vs St Paul HS
  5. Paray HS vs Child Jesus HS
  6. Lekokoaneng HS vs Makhaola HS
  7. Rasetimela HS vs Matsie HS

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