Lesotho Sky showcase bicycle race

IMG_20180917_122550 (2)
Lesotho sky pump track at Roma

Lesotho Sky prepares for 8th edition 369 kilometers mountain bike race.

This event will be attracting 11 countries and 66 participants from the globe.

The race which is not that simple will cover Roma and Malealea route.

“This is a new route since the establishment of Lesotho Sky eight years ago. This mountain bike race was launched in 2011”, said the founder Christian ‘Motlatsi’ Schmidt.

He said riders would have to accommodate the challenges of rocks and mountain climbing.

Duration of the race is six rough days starting from September 24 to 29.

First day covers 60 km Metolo loop 1. The second day is 85 km route from Roma to Malealea. Then followed by 36 km Malealea loop.

From there it would be 56 km Malealea loop and 86 km Malealea to Roma. The last one is on September 29 which is 42 km Roma loop.

Schmidt showed that before the actual race there would be a Lesotho Community Day to be hosted by Lesotho Sky on Saturday, September 22 at Roma trading Post in Roma village named Mafikeng Qhobosheaneng.

“During that day adults will be engaged into 15 km race”, said Motlatsi.

He articulated that children and youth would compete on the pump track activities.

He said bicycles would be available for those who need them, but they are not many. People would be treated first come first served not for free.

Parents and children would be expected in big numbers to partake in this endevour. Winners will be awarded with different lucrative prizes. Meals, drinks and music will be available.

The aim of these activities includes how to help children ride and fix their bicycle.

It is anticipated that children are the future competitors in the Olympic and Commonwealth games in future.

‘Motlatsi’ said Lesotho Sky is sponsored by Alliance Insurance Company and will be represented by two riders namely Phetetso Monese and Tumelo Makae.

The second sponsors is Vodacom Lesotho and be represented by two girls Likeleli Masitise from Lesotho and Bakang Ebudilwe all the way from Botswana.

The third sponsor is Standard Lesotho Bank, which will be represented by Lesotho riders Malefetsane Lesole and Katleho Manasi.

Alliance Insurance Company head of Group Marketing Corporation Communications Ms Liepollo Tsekoa said their journey with Lesotho Sky has been long since its inception in 2011.

She said Alliance has got a vision to change Basotho lives.

“We are proud to be partnering with Lesotho Sky at our 25th anniversary of serving Basotho in the country”, explained Tsekoa.

On the same token Ms Mpho Sekoala from Standard Lesotho Bank wished Standard Lesotho Bank riders good luck.

“We value development of cycling”, said Sekoala.

She advocated that Lesotho Sky is run professionally; hence they have got no reasons why they cannot work with such organization.

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