Rugby sevens jet to Burundi

IMG_20180916_150209 (2)
Mr Justice Seliealiea hands over a trophy to All Stars captain

Lesotho rugby sevens will participate in the African rugby sevens to be hosted by Burundi.

The tournament is scheduled for September 29 and 30.

The team is anticipated to face giants such as Burundi, Gabon and DRC.

Lesotho recently is in D level, therefore if it performs well at Burundi would advance to C.

“This is a serious game, hence we suppose to work hard to progress to the next level”, says the President of rugby association of Lesotho (FLR) Mr Seliealiea.

He said they are well prepared for this competition. The international sevens tournament which was hosted by Lesotho afforded them with an opportunity of playing with the giants from Republic of South Africa, Zambia and other countries.

As a result, they were able to recognize their weak and strong points.

Some time back Lesotho played in Ghana and appeared fourth position. There after it was relegated to D level.

Seliealiea explained that this is their opportunity to work hard and being promoted to the upper level.

He said the trip is sponsored by Olympic Solidarity through Lesotho National Olympic Committee (LNOC).

The team manager Mr Morapeli Motaung said team Lesotho will leave on September 27.

The delegation is comprised of 15 which include 12 players and three officials.

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