LBA capacitates referees

Lesotho Basketball Association hosts referees course with effect from September 22 to 23, 2018 at St. James high school, Maseru.

Basketball referees

Referees and table official’s Director Mr Bokang Pharela told Lesotho Sport Blizz that LBA engages in this effort due to the shortage of referees in the country.

He said this course is opened to everyone who aspires to contribute in the development of basketball.

Pharela showed that the facilitators of this endevour come from Lesotho.

He explained that this course is not certificated, but there are levels regarding the degree of understanding after the evaluation of results.

Levels would range from one to four. He said level five is accredited by the global basketball association (FIBA).

“We are expecting around 50 participants or more to partake in training. No particular sponsors for the course and no specific entry requirements as the association has a few pool of referees”, said the Director.

The course is meant to address issues arising from the local competitions regarding quality and quantity of officials in the national basketball league and all other competitions run by LBA.

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