Fritsch optimistic in endurance

Mr Joe Fritsch

A 50-year-old American rider who would partake in the Lesotho Sky mountain bike race tomorrow believes that he has endurance.

He said he would do better in the long distance races. In the short ones young riders have potential to perform well.

Mr Joe Fritsch who has been riding for 45 years said he participated in many races in America and Republic of South Africa. He started road racing in Maseru Lesotho and did well.

He told our reporter in an exclusive interview that he lived in Lesotho since 1982 to 1986.

Then he came back to join Lesotho Sky race in 2016 and 2018. He was adamant that he would ride in all six Lesotho Sky mountain bike races at his age.

Fritsch who arrived in Lesotho on Tuesday for the race, showed that he has been riding around Maseru checking places he would hang up and rest while in Lesotho 30 years ago.

He started mountain riding as part of practice on Saturday.

“There are big enough hills in Maseru, and I rode up to the couple of them and in Lesotho is rockier than in US”, said Fritsch.

When asked what motivated him to be a rider, he said he rode BMX while in USA before he came to Lesotho. Then he enjoyed the opportunity while in Lesotho because trails are in abundant as compared to US.

After that, Lesotho Sports Blizz became aware that Fritscher’s career emanated from Lesotho, it was prominent that we have to share his experiences in the Kingdom. Therefore, the story will follow soon.

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