LEFA SG refutes allegations – FIFA delegation in Lesotho

There are allegations that FIFA delegation is in Lesotho investigating Lesotho Football Association (LEFA).

First of all it is alleged that investigations regard registration of players in the premier league. Registration system introduced by FIFA shut down other players out hence dissatisfaction of many teams. LESOTHO FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION LOGO

Secondly, Bantu FC and Lioli dispute concerning the protest about many foreign players.

Two of those players said to have played for the national team Likuena, but declared foreign.

As a result it was discovered that players were unlawfully featured by Bantu FC.

Allegations further show that one of the players amongst those two was born at Mamohato Memorial Hospital in 1994, whereas in that year MMH did not exist.

The other issue is that Tšoanelo Koetle Lioli football club player violated anti – doping regulations because he refused to be tested and he was suspended.

From there Lioli FC took the matter to normal court and succeeded.

FIFA is adamant that sport cases should be dealt with in the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) only.

“As a result LEFA with FIFA instruction suspended Koetle”, allegations reveal.

In an exclusive interview LEFA secretary general Mr Mokhosi Mohapi refuted allegations that FIFA officials are in the country.

“Procedurally if FIFA personnel come to Lesotho I would be informed as LEFA secretary general. Therefore nothing of that nature transpired. We don’t have anything to be investigated on”, explained Mohapi.

He indicated that Bantu FC foreign players’ issue was dealt with accordingly. But he knows about only one player who played for Likuena, and that is Keneth Faleni, not two as stated.

“I don’t know about information regarding player’s particulars including ages and others, all particulars are provided by teams”, said SG.

As far as Tšoanelo Koetle is concerned Mohapi agreed.

“Yes he evaded the protocol of WADA concerning testing”, he said.

After that Koetle and Lioli FC referred the matter against the provisions of LEFA statutes.

The matter is pending for the appeal after the decision of the first court was passed.

“We trying to work collectively with Lioli FC because this issue has bad repercussions for the country”, continue Mohapi.

“We have been informed by LNOC that FIFA is adamant that if we don’t handle this issue as it supposed to be the country will suffer the consequences.

Mohapi stated that they have not been instructed by FIFA to suspend Koetle, but there are violations that they should not allow to happen.

He said the matter will be soon dealt with accordingly.

Mohapi concluded that LEFA has got nothing to hide as an Association.

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