Leribe IPA members fundraise

Leribe district IPA members facilitate fundraising activities. The initiative came up in their meeting which was held at Leribe recently.

Leribe IPA members dined together after their meeting

Leribe district is situated in the northern part of Lesotho and falls in the Northern Region, one of the four regions in the Mountain Kingdom.

They agreed that they would perform concert.

From there they cleaned Leribe police station and planned to wash all police fleet in near future.

The new committee was also elected as follow:

  1. Chairperson – ‘Musi Makobane
  2. Vice Chairperson – Mofihli Makaeano
  3. Secretary – Tsebo Thakholi
  4. Vice Secretary – Molebong Mothokho
  5. Treasurer – Nqhobela Pholo

The outgoing committee stood thus

  1. Chairperson – Nyakallo Mokhethi
  2. Vice Chairperson – Neo Mokotjo
  3. Secretary – Qhobela Pholo
  4. Vice Secretary – Likeleli Lebeko
  5. Treasurer – Mofihli Mokaeane

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