LBA league kicks off

Lesotho Basketball Association hosted league games at Lehakoe Recreation Center last weekend.

IMG-20180728-WA0000 (2)
Lerotholi Polytechnic Club

The aim of the games is to have the champion at the end of the season next year.

Lerotholi Polytechnic club is the male teams’ champion of the last season.

Eight female and 14 male teams were in loggerhead during this endevour from Friday to Sunday.

According to LBA PRO Mr Ntoko Marake the association has got no sponsorship at the moment.

The results were as follow:


  • KTA 21 – 19 T98 (MEN)
  • KTA 43 – 46 T98 (MEN)


  • KTA 20 – 51 BKMN (Ladies)
  • KTA 42 – 10 LUCT (Ladies)
  • KTA 66 – 45 BKMN (Men)
  • Roma 40 – 49 BBH (Men)


  • BKMS 69 – 7 Tigers (Men)


  • LSR 44 – 54 T98 (Men)
  • LSR 22 – 19 BKMS (Ladies)

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