LCA hopes for financial support

Lesotho Cricket Association anticipates for assistance from International Council of Cricket (ICC).

This expectation comes after the presidential workshop hosted by ICC at Seychelles from October, 15 to 17.

The aim of the training was on developing a common strategic plan on how to achieve the target participants by 2023. Promotion and marketing given guidelines on how to source sponsorship and creating healthy relations with the media were thrashed out.

Mr Sebajoa Sebajoa LCA President (2)
Mr Sebajoa Sebajoa, LCA President

The LCA President Mr Sebajoa Sebajoa said training included motivation of stakeholders on annual basis and change from funding to investment policy. This notion changed because ICC is expecting returns in increased participation and qualified human resources in future.

He further indicated that constitutional affairs of member countries would be expected to align with the developments aspired, including governance and values of cricket.

Countries which participated in the workshop were Lesotho, Eswatini, Seychelles, Mali, Cameroon and St Helena.

Mr Sebajoa explained that it was important for Lesotho to partake in this forum as funding from ICC for the next financial years will be based on how each country complies with the contents of the workshop.

He added that the growth of cricket covers all areas of the game umpires, coaches and administrators in a balanced and sustainable way.

“We are going to have competitive domestic leagues and improved high performance” concluded LCA President.

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