Lesotho warrior shines in Botswana

Patel receives an award in Botswana
Sarfraj Patel receives an award

Lesotho cricket player Sarfraj Patel grabbed player of the match award in ICC T20 World Africa C qualifier games in Botswana yesterday.

In the first game against Eswatini Patel scored 34 runs in 30 balls and had hat trick.

Lesotho won this match by eight wickets because they managed to cover the opponents’ score with three players, while they were still having eight remaining.

In the second match Lesotho lost by 73 to St Helena. St Helena scored 196 runs while Lesotho gathered 123.

Today Lesotho is facing Mozambique in the third match. It is expected that this game would be on fire.

“Boys are saying today’s game is a must win”, said the acting national coach Mr Lekoatsa Chaka.

He said they want to correct their faults like misfielding, dropping of catches and giving early wickets.

Basotho told “Lesotho Sports Blizz” that they are behind boys; they wish them good luck and congratulated them for the first win against Eswatini.

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