Lesotho lost in Gaborone

Cricket senior national team was grilled by Mozambique at Gaborone, Botswana yesterday in the ICC T20 Africa C qualifier games.

IMG_6051 (2)
Acting national coach Mr Lekoatsa Chaka

Lesotho collected 117 runs, while Mozambique gathered 183. As a result Mozambique won with 66 runs. Today is the resting day.

On Thursday Lesotho faces Namibia and Malawi respectively. These two games would be followed by the last match against Botswana on Friday.

In the meantime tournament ends on November 4. Therefore, Lesotho team would be expected to come back home after that.

“What costed us is giving early wickets and dropping of clear catches”, said the acting national coach Mr Lekoatsa Chaka. He indicated that communication breakdown during fielding was a challenge.

He said as a result Mozambique capitalized on that and increased its score.

“Otherwise we have a good team that is determined and committed”, concluded Chaka.

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