FLR apologizes to Lesotho National Olympic Committee

Federation of Lesotho Rugby’s secretary general Mr Litšitso Motšeremeli on behalf of the association apologized to LNOC publicly.

DSCN0029 (2)
Mr Lits’itso Mots’iremeli

In the press conference which was organized by FLR at Lesotho Sport and Recreation (LSRC) offices on November 1 Motšeremeli told journalists that due to anger caused by the disappointment in their trip to Burundi on October26 this year approached the media before consultation with LNOC and uttered words that were not acceptable.

Motšeremeli with the company of FLR acting treasurer and public relations officer Mr Morapeli Motaung said their sevens team qualified to go to Burundi for the next level of the games.

Therefore they were financially supported by Olympic Solidarity through LNOC. The trip was comprised of 15 delegates, 3 official and 12 players.

“When we arrived at airport with all relevant documentation for that trip to be legally approved, we were told that things have changed”, said Motšeremeli.

“From there we called home but in vain, we did not find responsible persons to assist.

He said the team had to spend the night at airport. In the mist of the confusion they had to decide that delegation be reduce to seven players and one official, then proceeded.

When they arrived at Kenya the team slept at the airport again.

“Our game was scheduled to kick off at 10:00 am but our flight arrived in Burundi at 8:00 am. As a result, we have to change on the way and went straight to game venue”, the secretary continued.

He showed that their team worked well and qualified for finals after beating DRC 15 to 5.

“I was very sad as a secretary, when we come back home, then I approached the media and talk about this disappointment without consulting anybody/ institution”, he said.

“I showed that no one helped us, they did not care about our welfare especially LNOC.

From there they had a meeting with LNOC. They agreed that there were misunderstandings between them and apologized to each.

“But the newspaper published what I have said after we have discussed this matter,” he explained.

“On my behalf and the association I want to apologize whole heartedly, whatever I said was because of anger and frustration”, said Motšeremeli.

In the meantime, Motšeremeli is adamant that LNOC and LSRC should guide the associations about their roles in the development of sports.

He thanked the contribution of the media in the development of rugby in the country as a new established sport.

He assured the media fraternity that his association has planned to offer workshops that would equip media with skills and knowledge of covering sports particularly rugby.

LNOC was represented in the press conference by two members. On behalf of LNOC the Head of Sports Services including high performance Mr Mark West accepted an apology.

“We are happy that press conference took place and FLR apologized”, said West.

He said he would report to his seniors.

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