Tlali flies Lesotho flag high

Chachole Tlali
Chachole Tlali

Lesotho player Chachole Tlali awarded man of the match in the second game yesterday in Botswana ICC World T20 Africa C qualifier games.

Acting national coach Mr Lekoatsa Chaka showed that he was positive about that game.

“However, I was positive about the results of our second match as our payer managed to be awarded man of the match award that went to our batter Chachole Tlali who scored 58 runs”, said Chaka.

He said they played Namibia in the morning and lost badly.

Lesotho lost toss and Namibia decided to bat and they made a very high score. Chaka showed that it was difficult for them to chase as they had strong batting and bowling line-up.

“As for Malawi match, obviously the win was in our hands but my boys failed to maintain two things: focus and concentration towards last overs of our innings”, he continued.

He concluded by saying that they are meeting Botswana as the last game tomorrow.

“Botswana has good side and it is the hosts so they have that advantage but we will never surrender”, acting coach states.

He said they are going to fight until last over of the match.

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