Beach volleyball flourish

Lesotho Volleyball Association (LVA) held beach volleyball extravaganza at OlympAfrica courts. This second event took place last weekend with different teams battling it out.

The purpose of the tournament was to put together the first and the second points as a way of qualifications for the teams.

Leabua Rampesa and Moholo Lekomola

Beach volleyball teams comprise of two players as compared to the normal volleyball with six players per club.

Qualified teams would proceed to Zone VI Club Championships takes place on December this year. Each country is expected to submit two teams.

According to the board member of Lesotho National Olympic Committee Mr Moholo Lekomola and the founder of beach volley in the country said women played on the first day of the tournament. They played round robin system since they were only four teams.

The winners were ‘Masekhonyana and Chaplin, followed by Ntšontšo and  Relebohile, third and the fourth positions were grabbed by Nomvula Matšeliso and Sebongile le Bongiwe respectively.

On a Sunday men’s games did not reach the end.

But they progressed up until they got to the semi finals. As a result organizers decided that they will finish on December 18 on the same venue. They were seven clubs in all.

Prizes that would be awarded at the end of all games will be M500, M300 from first to the third positions on men and women categories.

Lekomola said interest is high in beach volleyball, but people are reluctant due to the fact that its pitch is not easy to play on due to the sand.

Moholo cited that three women teams did not participated as it was originally planned. He showed three new men’s clubs joined the race on Saturday.

He further said players are coming from LVA teams and newly specifically registered beach volleyball clubs only. Lekomola stressed that individual players collect points for themselves not as a team. The highest points collected are per player.

He said his partner is Leabua Rampesa and they are well experienced in this endevour. They showcase in other place such as Johannesburg and Cape Town in South Africa, they also participated in Commonwealth games.

He explained that he was mandated by LNOC to establish beach volleyball in Lesotho.

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