LSRC impress ICC-Africa

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Mrs Patricia Kambarami

Lesotho Cricket Association has received ICC – Africa Regional manager Mrs Patricia Kambarami who arrived in Lesotho yesterday.


Today LCA is expecting the regional finance manager Mr Kuben Pillar who’s also from ICC – Africa.

Mrs Kambarami managed to meet Lesotho Sport and Recreation Commission (LSRC) officials. They strategized together as how to develop cricket in Lesotho.

The president of LCA Mr Sebajoa Sebajoa told Lesotho Sport Blizz that in 2020 Lesotho hosts youth games; therefore, they have proposed inclusion of cricket. As a result the manager is following the progress on that regard.

Sebajoa revealed that ICC – Africa wants to know how the relations between the government of Lesotho and the LSRC in developing cricket are.

He further said on arrival Mr Pillar will go to Teyateyaneng in the northern part of Lesotho, where he will be joining Kambarami. They will be in Lesotho until this coming Friday when they leave to South Africa where they come from.

In actual fact they visit countries in an annual basis, but as for Lesotho is different because it falls under the junior associations.

“As for my country they come once in four years”, said the president of LCA. He concluded by saying that these trips are sponsored by ICC.

Mrs Kambarami thanked Basotho people for hospitality she received since she arrived in Lesotho. She said she was impressed that LCA works very well with LSRC team.

The manager was pleased to hear that there is clear vision they have for the cricket development.

She was adamant that cricket needs to grow from grassroots level. She explained that focus should be on schools.

“Kids should be introduced to the sport”, said Kambarami.

She said kids have to be prepared for the national teams, not just to participating in cricket. She was impressed that national senior team participated in Botswana for ICC- Africa C qualifier tournament.

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