LDF grills H-Flow

By: Selengoane Lebaka

Lesotho Defence Force Ladies team harassed H-Flow by beating them 3:1 at fourth league tournament.

This game took place at Police Training College on Saturday.

Flow, a newly promoted women team to A Division was to battle it up with an in form and experienced LDF team. It is at position seven, while LDF holds second position in the league standings.

After the match, H-Flow player Tlhohonolofatso Mare was convinced that LDF felt their presence and content despite the 3:1 loss.

She said they grabbed this opportunity to play with a best team in the league, hence self valuation for them. H-Flow captain ‘Mookho Machake, was content with the preparations for the game.

But warned that, for her team to reach their full potential and compete with the best, they should attend practice consistently. Botsang’s team was able to obtain positions two twice and one respectively in the last three tournaments.

The main aim of this tournament is to divert the youth from illegal activities. He insisted that interested players can join volleyball as the player coach ratio is not healthy, there are more coaches than players.

He revealed that one of the reasons his sport is not well exposed is because it is under covered by the Lesotho media.

“We have a very huge problem in Lesotho in terms of sponsorship. We will be heading to Durban in November for the club championship and so far we do not have sponsorship, but Alliance Insurance Company has not taken decision to fund us or not, therefore we are still waiting”. Explained LDF coach.

Botsang sounded worried as the game did not go as simple as he had predicted prior the match. He believed his team did not flawlessly win the match due to concentration and asserted that they have to work on it before the club championship.

Machake was, however confident that her team posed a threat in this match. LDF women team coach, Mahasane Botsang, assured that his team prevailed untouched by their opponents. Botsang explained that his team does not formerly attend practice effectively because is comprised of LDF employees, and teachers.

“We were not well prepared for this game because we do not have a playing ground, but we fought because we have good team spirit”. She continued.

“We are excited and feel privileged to play LDF who are going to the club championship at the end of November this year”, said Mare.

The match reached climax when both teams were on 26 points each, when the set score was 2:1 to LDF in a deciding set. New comers pushed LDF to their maximum best, eventually LDF won the match after a long passing, setting and blocking.

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