Havoc rocks Majantja FC

By: Mats’umunyane Mponeng and Clifford Molefe

MAJANTJA -1 (2)The havoc continues with Econet Premier League side Majantja football club with the sudden walk out of new signing Bongani Marate and the President of the team Mr Mpho Raithule.

It is all part of what is becoming a familiar and sad script in Mohale’s Hoek with Majantja FC also in the relegation zone after last Sunday’s 3:1 win to Likhopo. Things didn’t go well when Marate downed tools and returned to his native country, South Africa.

Marate left the team after demanding a higher salary from the club. The communication and marketing manager Mr Ts’epang Makakule said the club could not afford the money Marate demanded and therefore he decided to quit.

Marate’s contract that he signed with the previous President was a non-payment contract.

“Marate rejected the money that was given to him and then left. The team negotiated to give him a certain amount of money, but he wanted the money that the team could not afford, therefore we had to let him go”, said Makakule.

Makakule also confirmed that Lefa Thebela returned to South Africa because this year the teams were registering online therefore Thebela was late for registration. The club decided that Thebela should go back to his country and will come back in January next year when the registration begins.

He further said that, ITC was introduced late; therefore Thebela could not be registered.

“The team is left with the assistant coach Masupha Letsie after President Mpho Raithule left the team. This is the third time he resigns then we decided to part ways this time”. Makakule added.

Makakule told our reporter that Raithule tabled his resignation twice prior to the third and current one. He said he used social media to write to the club.

The CMM was unable to produce those communications, when asked to do so.

“Previously Mr Raithule revealed that he wanted to quit due to some personal commitments’, said Makakule.

He said relations between Raithule and the Majantja management committee were sour.

“He would make decisions alone without management committee”, Makakule continued.

He made example of allowing players to sign contracts in the absence of other members.

On the other side Mr Raithule confirmed that he has resigned. But he said it is not true that he resigned three times consecutively.

“It is senseless, how could one resigns three times”, said Raithule.

In a letter which Lesotho Sports Blizz posses its copy, he showed that he resigned because relations in the team between him and the committee were not favourable. The letter reads:

“As you would know, there has recently been some conflict among the members which has inadvertently caused by myself.

“As a result of these incidents, I called a meeting where few of the identified leaders to the club were invited to intervene. Since the above meeting, I have not received the set out reporting protocol being one of the resolutions of that meeting”.

He further attributed in a letter that there are new appointments, and the club operates without a budget.

“I feel that it would be best for me to withdraw from the club at this time”, states the letter dated November 5, 2018.


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