Bad league start, FC Likhopo

By: Rethabile Theko

IMG-20181114-WA0013 (2)
FC Likhopo

Likhopo football club has won two matches since the start of 2018/19 Lesotho Econet Premier League.

Likhopo FC needs focus for the upcoming games; played a draw in one league game and have lost five games.The team is positioned 12 on the league table.

Lefoka Adoro, Likhopo FC vice coach outlined that the team performed poorly on account that they have young players from B division. Likhopo technical team decided to build a team with young players this season.

Adoro suggested that the team had a poor pre-season because of their young players.

“Apart from having young players; we took a long break while other teams were playing tournaments and friendly matches”, said the vice coach.

“Eighty percent of our players are under 17 and 20 respectively, therefore their lack of experience made a delay to take momentum due to premier league pressure”, Adoro continued.

Teams that played against Likhopo capitalized on the lack of the team players experience. The team lost most games because of players’ mistakes of which Likhopo coaches are working on them.

A win against Majantja FC motivated the team and made Likhopo to take two steps up on league table from the bottom. After this win, coach wants his team to be at least on the top eight and he said he will work with his players’ moral and mentality when approaching every game.

The coach said Likhopo will play against Kick4Life on 24 November. It is going to be a tough game to defeat, because Kick4Life has strong individual players.

Adoro said from now onwards the team shall approach every match as their cup final.

Likhopo has got seven points, while the log leaders; Lesotho Correctional Service (LCS) have 17 points.

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