Likuena ready for Tanzania

By: Letsielo Makhele

 Preparations have been made for Sunday clash between Lesotho and Tanzania at Setsoto stadium Maseru by Lesotho Football Association (LEFA).

This big match kicks off on Sunday afternoon. Mr Seephephe Matete who is the coordinator of national teams said the coach has made some changes on the national team when selecting the squad.

“The first preparation is that the team is now at the camp. The camp started last Sunday. Players from outside the country arrived on Monday”, says Matete.

“Those players include Bereng, Luciano Matsoso and Tumelo Khutlang. As we speak the camp is ready and they started training on Monday.

Only Matsoso is not feeling well and our goalkeeper from Lesotho Defence Force, but the rest of the teammates are ready for the battle.” said Matete.

“We have new players that are selected by the coach to reinforce the team that played against Uganda. Those players include Likano Mphuthing even though he is not feeling well, Samuel, Ramalefane and Sepiriti. From there we have players we know”. He continued.

Likuena coach Mr Moses Maliehe said that they did not play well in the past games. He said football is about losing and winning therefore everyone expects a win.

He indicated that they are taking this game seriously because it is more important than others.

“Mathematically we are still in the race because we can still qualify for the next round. We are on the fourth position, position one has got 10 points, teams that follow have five points each. That’s why I say we are still in the race”, said Maliehe

“What we have to do is to win the last two games including the one we are facing at the present moment. If we win them we will have six points, which will be eight points and it will depend on how other teams play.”

“We know the team that we are going to play with, because we have played with them before. We have prepared well against Tanzania. There is no doubt that we will bring good results”, said Maliehe.

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